Kansas City, MO

Rebecca Morgan, Sr. Director of Product Management, Mitchell International

There are so many reasons I like Rebecca. She’s about as nice as is humanly possible, her smile and laugh are contagious, she extremely smart, she an EDI expert, and hey – she’s a BYU grad.

Rebecca is based in the Kansas City area. She leads a team of software engineers scattered across the country, developing the software that keeps Mitchell International going strong.


E4 - Rebecca Morgan, Dir of Product Development, Mitchell International

This is an interview I had with Rebecca Morgan 6-13-2019. Rebecca is the Director of Product Development at Mitchell International, a leading EDI service provider. I met Rebecca last year. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Rebecca over a period of several months on a project.


My conversation with Rebecca opened up with her telling us kickboxing! Rebecca uses a kickboxing routine as her morning workout. Sounds fun and dangerous!

Rebecca did a great job explaining the basics of EDI, and how it works in the workers’ compensation industry. Mitchell International plays a significant role as a partner with IAIABC – not only for today’s requirements, but also looking to future needs. When I asked her where she saw EDI in five years, she said that more jurisdictions will have adopted EDI by then (currently about 40 states use EDI to some degree or another), and she said the states who use older release versions (specifically Release 1.0), will have moved to the more-recent versions. She talked about IAIABC’s constant evolution to stay up-to-date with our industry’s requirements.

Later in our discussion we got back to IAIABC, talking about the challenges companies like Mitchell face due to several versions/releases of the IAIABC standard format. Some states haven’t moved off Release 1.0, which is now many years old. Moving to newer versions is complicated by budgetary constraints, IT resources, and other, various issues.

As mentioned in the brief intro above, Rebecca graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Computer Science. I’m also a BYU grad. It was fun to reminisce about our college days in Provo. 

Rebecca received a Master’s Degree from Boston University, via their on-line courses. It was funny to hear her say that she had never set foot in Boston until just last month, even though she held a degree from BU. Her first visit to the city was during this year’s RIMS conference.

Rebecca was first introduced to computer programming in high school. She said technology runs in her family, so it was an easy decision for her to get her education in computer science. Even her two oldest daughter are following in her footsteps. 

Besides technology, Rebecca loves teaching. She considered, although briefly, getting her college degree in teaching. She said now she loves teaching in work-related setting, sunday school classes in her church, and in any other way she can. 

One of the things that drew her toward software engineering is the creative aspect. She loves how she can create a software program that accomplishes a need.

Here are Rebecca’s answers to the Lightning Round questions:

  1. Favorite food: Mexican. I would choose it over the fanciest steak at the fanciest restaurant!
  2. Favorite book: I’m all over the place. I like Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code, etc.), John Grisham (The Firm, etc.), and Hunger Games
  3. Favorite vacation place: Tough call so I’ll have to pick a few. I loved a trip to Guatemala where we visited some local river villages and delivered school supplies. It helps to see how the rest of the world lives. I loved a visit to Croatia where we visited family and stayed in the home my great-great grandfather built. I loved a trip to Hawaii where we were able to have all our kids together in one place and spend a week together in paradise.
  4. Favorite spectator sport/activity: I have to admit that I don’t have much of an attention span for sports, but during the Olympics I am riveted to swimming. 
  5. Favorite participant sport/activity: If I were on your sports team you would want to kick me off because I have no team sports skills whatsoever. I like cycling, running, and kickboxing.
  6. Favorite musician/artist: Taylor Swift, or Imagine Dragons
  7. Something still on your Bucket List: Definitely want to visit Israel sometime soon.
  8. How would you spend a day if you had no responsibilities and could be anywhere you wanted: I would have my entire family together in one place. We would be at a beach, eat Mexican food, and I would definitely take a nap.
  9. Historical figure you would love to have dinner with: I would love to have dinner with one of our nation’s Founding Fathers like George Washington or John Adams. What they did was uncertain at the outset, but they were revolutionary and brave. Those are qualities I admire and lack, but would love to develop in myself.
  10. A major event you would like to attend: The Olympics.


I’m with you on the Mexican food answer! Always my go-to!


My conversation with Rebecca was wonderful. She’s super easy to talk to. 

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