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Heather Sanderson, Chief Legal Officer, Franco Signor

This is the interview I had with Heather Sanderson, Chief Legal Officer at Franco Signor, a leading provider of Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance. 

I’ve known Heather for several years now, and each time I talk to her I come away with more knowledge. She’s very pleasant in her nature, and easy to talk to. 

I think you’ll enjoy this interview.

E7 - Heather Sanderson, CLO, Franco Signor

This is the interview I had with Heather Sanderson, Chief Legal Officer at Franco Signor, a leading provider if MSP/MSA services in the workers' compensation industry. I've known Heather for several years now.

My interview with Heather began with us talking about her credentials. As an attorney, she’s a member of the Florida Bar, and she also holds the following certifications:

Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant (MSCC)

Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE)

Certified Litigation Management Professional (CLMP), and 

Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional (CMSP)

That’s an impressive list!

We then jumped into a discussion about the MSP sector of the workers’ compensation industry. She said that a lot of people think only of MSA (Medicare Set-Asides), but that’s just one part of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. She said the aim of the MSPA was to “prevent the shifting of the burden to medicare.” Sometimes medicare pays pre-settlement expenses, known as conditional payments. In that event, employers or insurance carriers are required to pay back those expenses. If they don’t, they can be subject to action “by the feds” for double damages. MSA comes into play to cover care needed after settlement.  Franco Signor works with companies to determine the correct amount to set aside. Their clients include TPAs, carriers, and self-insured employers.

Heather is involved with the Women to Watch Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization set up by Business Insurance magazine. The Foundation supports women and girls in sub-Sahara Africa who develop cervical cancer, about 90 percent of which could be prevented if they had the proper funding. “The statistics are staggering,” Heather said, “To think about how much death and disease could be prevented. I thought it was a great cause, and I thought the Board was made up of some really, really strong women in our industry.” She specifically mentioned Linda Lane, President.

The goal of the Foundation is to bring awareness to important causes. Every two years, the Board re-assesses their initiatives. If you would like to contribute, please see their GoFundMe page. 

Calling Heather a prolific writer is putting it mildly. Since 2011, she has written almost 200 articles, just on MSP. That’s about two articles per month average! She said that regulations are always changing. She enjoys staying up on the advice from CMS, and their frequent memorandums. She distills the information down and explains it in ways that “the rest of us” (my words, not hers), can understand.

Heather leads the legal and human resources departments at Franco Signor. When she joined the company in 2015 there were only about 25 employees, now there are around 120. 

We wrapped up our conversation with Heather’s responses to the Lightning Round questions. Here they are:

1. Favorite Food: Cheese!

2. Favorite Book or series: Becoming, by Michelle Obama

3. Favorite Vacation Place: The Florida Keys

4. Favorite Spectator sport/activity: Watching her 4-year-old son do karate

5. Favorite Participant sport/activity: Running. Heather has run several full and half marathons

6. Favorite Musician/Group: Dave Matthew Band. Heather attends three of his concerts every year!

7. Something still on her Bucket List: Travel to Japan

8. How she would spend a day if she had no responsibility and could be anywhere she wanted: She would wake up in a cabin in the mountains, then sit on the porch, enjoying a cup of coffee. She’d go on a run, and spend the day relaxing.

9. Historical figure she’d like to have dinner with: Barak Obama

10. A major event she would like to attend: A presidential inauguration and the galas that go along with them.

Thank you, Heather, for a great conversation. 



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