Atlanta, Georgia

Steve Heinen, Risk & Insurance Advisor, Pritchard & Jerden

This is my interview with Steve Heinen, Vice President and Partner at Pritchard & Jergen, a commercial brokerage firm based in Atlanta.

Steve is a true gentleman, in every sense of the word. He’s a gifted teacher, trainer, and risk management professional. He’s the type of guy you could enjoy sitting at a beachside cafe for an afternoon talking about pretty much anything.

You’ll really enjoy this interview.

E8 - Steve Heinen, Vice President, Pritchard and Jergen

This is my interview with Steve Heinen, Vice President and Partner of Pritchard & Jerden, a commercial insurance broker based in Atlanta with operations throughout the southeast. I've known Steve for several years.

My interview with Steve started with talking about where he spends most of his time, which is a Lake Burton. I’ve never been there, but the pictures I looked up on Google were stunning. Steve owes me a a few days at his home there! 🙂

Steve is very involved in community building. He spent many years with United Way, and in recent years has volunteered many hours and a lot of his personal resources to the Challenged Children and Friends Foundation, where he serves on the Board of Directors. Steve helped raise over $2 million to help build a new facility for the foundation. For his amazing efforts, Rough Notes awarded him with the “Community Service Award”, and donated several thousand dollars to the foundation. 

Steve began his career as a property underwriter with The Hartford, and, in his own words, “knew nothing about workers’ compensation.” A few years later, he joined an independent insurance agency and was put on the commercial lines committee for the State of Georgia. He said it was very intimidating. “I was so intimidated because these guys were so far over my head, I didn’t want to go back,” he said after his first committee meeting. He stuck with it, learned a lot, and eventually ended up chairing the committee for over 15 years.

Steve loves workers’ compensation, and is grateful for his move from property to comp. He said, “As a property underwriter, there’s not a lot you can do to really impact a building. When I got into comp, it was about how do you manage people. I was fascinated with it.”

Steve started the Certified Workers’ Compensation Program (CWCP) in 1999, where they have instructed over 200 self-insured companies, TPAs, and insurers. He wrote the accompanying text book, “Work Comp Playbook” which has sold over 2,000 copies.

Steve earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Risk Management from the University of Georgia. He started out as a computer science major, but once he met the department head of Risk Management, he made the switch and has never looked back.

We ended our interview with the Lightning Round. Here are Steve’s responses:

1. Favorite Food:  Tex Mex

2. Favorite Book or Series:  Anything from John Maxwell

3. Favorite Vacation Place: Lake Burton, where he lives, and also South Africa’s Victoria Falls. He also loves Scotland where he has visited 12 twelve times.

4. Favorite Spectator Sport/Activity: Watching his son play D-1 basketball.

5. Favorite Participant Sport/Activity: Golf!

6. Favorite Musician/Group: The Eagles

7. Something still on his Bucket List: Writing a screen play

8. How he would spend a day if he had no responsibility and be anywhere he wanted: He said he would do what he does everyday!

9. A historical figure he would love to have dinner with: First would be Winston Churchill, and also Arnold Palmer.

10. An event he would love to attend: The Masters Golf Tournament on a Sunday.


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