Atlanta, Georgia

Patrick O'Neill, CEO & Founder, Redhand Advisors

Pat is well-known and widely respected throughout the risk and insurance industry. He’s a sough-after thought-leader in risk technology due to his more than three decades of experience in risk and insurance management information systems and claims management systems, as well as workers’ compensation and enterprise risk management solutions.
Based in Atlanta, Pat founded Redhand Advisors in 2015 to help organizations maximize their investment in risk technology and to develop and incubate innovative solutions to meet market needs.
Before founding Redhand Advisors, Pat was president and chief operating officer of an insure-tech startup focusing on workers’ compensation and disability management technology solutions. He was also a founding member of Marsh’s Risk Management Information System business and held a series of leadership roles in that unit.
Pat is the co-author of the widely-recognized RMIS Report, an annual guide to the risk management information system market, which is downloaded by more than 1,000 risk professionals each year.
Pat is a Board Member at Everybody Wins, a mentoring program to help children learn and improve their reading skills.
Pat earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York.

E9 - Patrick O'Neill, Founder & CEO, Redhand Advisors

This is my interview with Pat O'Neill, Founder and CEO of Redhand Advisors, a risk and insurance technology consulting firm based in Atlanta.  Pat and I have known each other for several years. He's a very knowledgeable, professional member of the workers' comp, RMIS industry.  Great interview.

Pat and I started our conversation talking about “Everybody Wins” a non-profit organization focused on helping at-risk children learn to love reading. Until recently, Pat was on the Board of Directors. Volunteers spend one lunch-break per week with an elementary age child, reading to them, and with them. The goal is to help the children to gain a love for reading.

We then talked about the beginning of Pat’s career, which began with Johnson & Higgins. Pat was with J&H when the Marsh acquisition occurred. Pat’s first job there was to support to Corporate Systems product. For Pat, the transition from J&H to Marsh was pretty smooth.

We had a good discussion about the RMIS business, and how brokers had such a strong hold on the market, but over the past few years, they have exited the market. Now the RMIS market is controlled by software development companies. We both agreed that the RMIS market is stronger than ever.

Redhand Advisors is a RMIS consulting company, based in Atlanta. Pat founded the company in 2015, after spending a few years with a insure-tech startup. Pat partnered with Dave Tweedy, who was working for another consulting firm, but as of earlier this year, Dave joined Pat at Redhand Advisors. 

Pat and Dave are co-writers for the RMIS Report, an annual report on the RMIS software systems in the industry. The report is widely read.

We talked about the name “Redhand” Advisors. What a great story! Pat’s family crest, from Ireland, has a red hand front and center. The story goes that back in the day, there was a region in Ireland that didn’t have a chief. It was determined that there would be a boat race, and the first person to touch the shore at the end of the race would be the new chief. Pat’s ancestor realized he wouldn’t be the winner unless he did something drastic – which he did. He took his sword, cut off his hand, and then three his hand onto the shore, thus becoming the first to “touch” the shore. His efforts paid off, and he was named chief!

One of Pat’s favorite hobbies is golf – both watching and playing. 


  • Favorite food: Chinese
  • Favorite book: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
  • Favorite vacation place: Ireland
  • Favorite spectator sport/activity: Pat loves baseball. He attends as many games as he can and “could watch 162 games on TV”.
  • Favorite participant sport/activity: Definitely golf.
  • Favorite musician/artist: The Avett Brothers.
  • Something still on your Bucket List: To attend the British Open.
  • How would you spend a day if you had no responsibilities and could be anywhere you wanted? Pat would be on the lake. He’d play a round of golf, then spend the day on the lake.
  • Historical figure you would love to have dinner with: Alexander Hamilton. “He’s fascinating.”
  • A major event you would like to attend: 2026 Ryder Cup in Ireland. It will be the first time in 20 years the Cup will be played there.

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